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Thais Cristine Maciel Gomes was born in Brazil and now currently resides in China.

Her Early Life

Thais began singing when she was only five years old.  It wasn’t until she turned 13 that she decided to incorporate professional studio recordings into the mix.

She started listening to Brazilian music and sang songs by Sandy & Junior, Elis Regina, and others for quite some time.  However, around the time she decided to enter the studio, she also began listening to English and Spanish music.  It was the music of Adele, Shakira, Belinda, and Lana del Rey that changed her outlook on music completely.

Her Decision to Move to China

Once Thais started recording professional songs and traveling abroad to work with international producers, she quickly realized that her musical freedom was being diminished by a few of those producers.

It was at that time that she decided to move to China to work and collaborate with Luis Benito, who originated from Spain.  Though their background in the music industry was differentiated, with their immense talent they easily comingled their vast ideas. They started to record original songs in Beijing and then contacted PR agencies to get the word out that they were professionals breaking into the industry.

Playing Concerts and Missed Opportunities

Thais began playing at open mic nights, as well as at bar gigs and local competitions.  She gained confidence from each new live experience and gained a strong presence online.  She is a believer that online presence holds more importance than locally gained fame.

Although she has no regrets over the course of her career, she would have liked to consider a few of the interested producers from the United States.  Nonetheless, during that time, her youthfulness and little experience hindered her ability to make these judgments. Now more seasoned, she is more aware of her abilities and the ins and outs of maneuvering through this industry

Thais’ One Sentence Description of Herself

If Thais had to describe herself in one simple sentence, it would be… “I’m the Brazilian slash Chinese counterfeit version of literally any jazz singer!”

Goals for the Future

Thais is currently working on an album with AM Studios, but she faces the obstacle of finding enough money to release only premium content.  She knows that it can be expensive to be an artist, but she also knows in her heart that it is worth the cost.

Her goal is to live off her music, but realistically she understands the challenges..  In the meantime, she is happily creating music and is very proud of what she has achieved so far.


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