Dakota Kievman

This movement is held so close to my heart. The piece holds so much conflict in dynamic, color, and mood, yet it simultaneously holds a continuity that reveals a story. Though the music holds a sense of loneliness and sadness, it holds onto a glimmer of hope throughout its entirety.


We rehearsed this piece throughout the pandemic, as time passed I realized the relatability to the situation at hand, not only with this piece but with the entire program which contained Mozart 301 and 302 as well as the first movement of the Bruch violin concerto and Brahms Hungarian Dance No 2. The program began to unfold as a journey through 2020 which I will release in its entirety shortly.

This movement in particular represented the period of time when the pandemic was realized, and quarantine began. You will see there is a prologue to this and an epilogue in the movements surrounding it.

Current events aside, Maria and I work so well together as an ensemble, we truly become one instrument throughout this concert, collaborating rather than accompanying. The first half of the concert is up on my YouTube and the second half will be released in mid-January.


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