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Helena Ricci was born in the French part of Switzerland and she is currently living in London.

Helena’s Decision to Become a Musician

Helena had long been playing the harp and music had been a part of her life for even longer, but she truly decided to become a professional musician when she was sixteen.  Prior to making this decision, she thought that she might write novels or create different scented perfumes.

It was when she attended a recital by Xavier de Maistre, a harpist, that she realized that she could see herself doing that in the future.  Her French teacher at school helped to encourage her to explore music as yet another language and how it allows people to communicate with others.

She listened to a lot of classical music at home, although no one else in her family played music at a professional level.  Yet they still encouraged her, while also trying to get her to do a few other things as a teenager.

She loved pieces by Bach and Chopin, but she also listened to many French artists like Serge Gainsbourg, Pink Martini, and William Sheller.

What Helena Did to Become a Musician

Once Helena chose to become a musician, she joined her local conservatoire in Switzerland and studied there until 2014.  It was at that time that she moved to London to attend the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.  This is where she finally enhanced her knowledge of music theory, as well as broadened her horizons with other types of music like chamber, contemporary, and orchestra.


Helena has always loved performing in front of an audience, especially since the music can be quite intense and raw.  She is not a fan of competitions, because she believes that they undermine the essence of music.  She knows that others will disagree with her point of view, but since competitions are subjective, she doesn’t really like doing them.

She will do a few though and mainly chooses those that allow her to choose which music she performs.  The rest of her time is spent prioritizing her time with summer academies, residences, programs, and other innovative projects.

One of Helena’s Missed Opportunities and How She Learned from It

One of the missed opportunities that Helena has had over the years was missing the Pacific Music Festival over in Sapporo, Japan this year.  She submitted her audition tape without listening to it first and after it was sent, she went back to listen and realized she had miscounted the entire beginning.  She now knows to make sure she is counting properly and to never send out an audition tape without reviewing it first!

Helena’s Unique Story

There is something about harps that intrigues Helena!  When she went to the harp factory to get her new harp, the first thing she did was smell it!  She fell in love with that smell, which was a specific woody smell, and she can still smell that scent today.

If she had to describe herself in one sentence, Helena says, “I am a classical harpist with a zesty, creative personality who wants to bring back communication on and off stage at the center of music and revolutionize the way we experience classical music concerts.”.

Helena’s Goals

Helena’s main goal is to tour the world as a concert harpist while changing the perception of classical music at the same time.  She is currently creating a solo harp show that blends classical music with innovative enchanting projections using the theme of Alice in Wonderland.

She knows that she must think long-term because a lot of musical goals take a long time to see the results of all the hard work.


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