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Kristie Smith is a musician that plays the piano and the harp.  Kristie began playing the piano at the age of 6 and it was just four short years later, at the age of 10, when she began to take harp lessons as well.  Her father was in the military, and they moved quite often, so she had many different music teachers.  Over the years, Kristie has put in many hours of practice and she knows that she has many wonderful instructors to thank for the influence that they had on her.

Kristie studied both harp and piano performance at the University of Arizona and then she continued with her studies at Indiana University, where she obtained advanced degrees.


Kristie’s First Competition

Kristie was in multiple competitions as a teenager and she won many of them.  The one that she remembers the most is when she won first prize in the American Harp Society Young Professional Competition.  After that, she toured the US as an American Harp Society Concert Artist for two years and also performed a recital at the World Harp Congress in Dublin.

Kristie has prepared for so many competitions over the years and she has prepared many students as well.  Her recommendations, when it comes to competitions, include prepare more than you think, play each piece for people multiple times, and consider using a different teacher as a coach, because they might have a few suggestions to turn you into a better musician.


Kristie’s Missed Opportunities

Kristie had chronic pain when she was only 20 years old and she had to stop playing music for the most part for a few years.  While she wishes that she had those years back, she is now considering applying to compete at the Israel International Harp Contest and to complete her Doctor of Music degree.


Kristie’s Description of Herself as a Musician

When asked how she would describe herself in one sentence, Kristie answered, “I am intense and take music very seriously.  I pour myself into whatever I do with enthusiasm and earnestness.”


Kristie’s Goals for the Future

Kristie has many goals for the future.  First, she is currently working on a method to teach young students how to play the harp.  She is also promoting herself as a harpist for weddings in the Las Vegas area.  She loves playing at weddings and tries to make them as elegant and unique as each couple.


Kristie’s last goal is to offer a solo recital program and travel around the United States to perform.  Of course, she would be thrilled if she could record a new album and professionally produce music videos at the same time as all her other goals!


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