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Anthony Korkmaz from Lebanon.   He has been taking piano lessons for 8 years, started by learning the basic notes then his parents purchased an acoustic piano for him so he could take lessons every week and practice.  At the beginning of the piano learning stage, Anthony’s mom made him learn how to play the piano and he detested and eventually quit piano lessons, until a few years later, he stumbled upon to Yanni’s concert performance on YouTube and fell in love with his music.  He then decided to pick up playing the piano again.  He still considers himself a beginner, only because he never gets bored with practicing and learning new pieces.

Anthony is still a student but not shy to play in public, we found his music clip online that he’s playing a grand piano at the Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport in Rome and fascinated by this young man’s bravery playing piano in the public.  Later, Applause to the Musician dug deeper into his social media, Instagram – piano_by_anthony – and see so many encouragements to him from his fans.

He told Applause that he began dreaming of becoming a musician when he was only 6 or 7 years old.  Unfortunately, the people where Anthony lives believe that pianists are uneducated people who only learn how to play the piano to teach lessons and earn money.  He would love to change their way of thinking because he believes that pianos, and those who play them, are worthy of so much more.

Although Anthony is only 16 years old and there is a long musical journey in front of him, even though he has yet to perform in concert, but he has participated in many competitions to overcome his public fearing.  We wish him the best and keep up the practice to succeed in his music.

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