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Clément Bellenger is a pianist who is only nineteen years old and he lives in Brussels.  Both his parents love the arts, but they have never been musicians.  However, a few distant relatives have been opera singers and pianists, so a person could say that music is in his blood.

His musical journey began when he found his father’s old electric piano up in the attic of his grandmother’s house.  It was broken when he discovered it, but with the help of his father, they managed to fix it so he could play.

Clément never really wanted to be a musician.  He just played because he loved it and the music came naturally to him.  However, if he really needed to determine when the thought of being a musician entered his mind, he would say that he must have been around the age of fourteen.

He doesn’t really have a routine that he does before any concert or competition, but he does tell himself, “be grateful to perform and not everyone has a chance to express what they think”.

Clément has never had many goals, but his current one finally came true!  He will be studying at the Conservatoire Royal, which is in Brussels.  He will be studying with Doctor Victor Chestopal and he couldn’t be happier!

He also loves it when he can set small goals, because then he knows where he wants to be in the future.  He enjoys having his days planned out in advance, but he hates it when he overthinks them.  It is then that he ends up exaggerating the future and comes to the conclusion that he will not end up doing everything that he wants to.

The one story that Clément loves sharing with people is his first official piano exam, which occurred when he was fourteen.  He had purchased brand new white socks the week before the exam and since he loved wearing his new socks, he chose to wear them the day of the exam.  As soon as he sat down, his pant legs went up and all anyone could see were those Hilfiger white socks!  At the end of his exam, the one thing his teacher told him was, “Good recital but try to put on blue socks next time!”.  He still laughs about it to this day!

Clément is thankful for all his professors over the years, as well as his family and friends.  He has a large support system and even stays in touch with his first piano teacher.


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