Jake Lebbin

He first started playing piano in sixth grade on his own with the aid of youtube videos. We eventually got him a teacher through The School of Rock-Wichita. He took lessons from there for about two years and got to play in three concert sets where a band is selected and they play music from that band. The first one was The Who, the second was Jimi Hendrix, and the last one was a progressive rock show. He really enjoyed playing there and grew the most there. We then moved from Kansas to Texas which ended the lessons there and he has not had any since. He still plays through the aid of Youtube videos and he played piano for jazz band two years.



Jake Lebbin emphasizes how practicing music via internet channels has greatly helped him learn and practice playing the piano.  Although Mr. Lebbins credit much of his learning to YouTube, he indicates that some songs may take more time and practice to learn than others. His advice to aspiring pianists is to utilize channels such as YouTube as a supplement to learning how to play the piano.



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