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Jakub Niewiadomski is a pianist from Cracow, Poland.  He watched a concert on television when he was four years and promptly told his parents that he wanted to play the piano.  As his parents were signing him up for lessons, the teachers told them he was too young.  However, Jakub was so stubborn that the teachers finally gave in and added him to their roster of students.

He started his lessons within a village cultural house and then moved over to the primary music school.  Now that Jakub is older, he is a student at the State Music Secondary School, which is named after Frederic Chopin.

Jakub loves performing for the public and he exudes confidence when it comes to competitions.  He has completed numerous competitions over the years, and while they are challenging, though bring him a lot of joy.  He does feel some stress before he goes on stage, but all that disappears as soon as he starts playing the piano.



Jakub has a hilarious story about one of his competitions.  His professor told him to think that he was an eagle and to spread his wings.  So he did, as his professor said and opened his arms wide, however, instead of soaring high, he heard his jacket ripping!



He has made many decisions over the years and while many of them have been good, but his worst one was participating in a volleyball game just three weeks prior to international competition.  He ended the game with a broken finger and had it splinted until the day before his performance.  Thankfully everything worked out in the end and he was awarded the second prize.

Jakub’s goal is to study the piano at the Academy of Music in Cracow, while also playing international recitals.  He mainly focuses on classical music, especially those pieces by Chopin, but he is grateful that his professor, Gajusz Kęska, has shared so many magical pianos sound with him over the years.


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