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This is one of my favorite pieces by Beethoven, and I chose this piece because of the sense of a storyline that comes to mind when I perform it. The A section begins with a fast, bold, and almost frenetic opening. As the section continues, there are sweeter and calmer parts to be heard, still intertwined with more powerful, chordal passages. This section might represent a character in a turbulent event, some might even envision a battle scene, with the few calm phrases symbolic of the character trying to find a resolution to the problem. As the B section emerges, there is an immediate mood change, almost as if the character in the story is recalling a fond memory. Perhaps to some listeners, it sounds as if the character is in the eye of the storm, enjoying a bit of peace before the storm begins raging again. When the recapitulation occurs, the character has been thrown back into a frenzy, in a rush to find peace again.


This description is along the lines of what might be in my mind as I perform this sonata movement. In every piece I perform, I want to tell a story to my audience. I want my music to portray a character and to convey to the audience the emotions that character might be feeling. One reason why I love this sonata is because of the many possibilities for storytelling through each performance of it, and I hope to share that story with everyone that I can. It is my desire to share this piece, as well as my profound passion for music, with my community, country, and the world.


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