Victoria Kramr

Join Jerry Pollio from Applause to the Musician as he sits down to chat with young pianist Victoria Kramr. Victoria is a full-time student, instructor, successful entrepreneur, and professional pianist. In this interview, she explores the idea of creating her own opportunities and developing an ensemble. Victoria’s message is inspirational and empowering for other young people in the arts, who want to take control of their artistic vision.



Victoria Kramr is an accomplished pianist, budding entrepreneur, full-time student, and music instructor. In this interview with Jerry Pollio of Applause to the Musician, Victoria looks at her plans for the future and her perspective on the power of music.




Victoria Kramr (born 2001) grew up in Houston Texas and started studying piano when she was five and vocal performance when she was fourteen.  As of late, she continues to study piano and voice, along with composition at Lone Star College-University Park. Furthermore, she has performed in multiple recitals, ensembles, and plays piano for several venues such as the Methodist Hospital, Prince of Peace Catholic Church and Lone Star College-University Park. As a composer, she has completed several pieces and earned an honorable mention in the TMTA-SA Original Composition Contest in 2019.

Most recently, she started an organization called Aspiring Artists of Texas (AATX) which is dedicated to giving collegiate student artists and musicians the opportunity to showcase or perform their work while benefitting the community. Later, she hopes to study music composition at the university level to earn a master’s degree, have her own performing arts group, and direct music in a church.


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We are so excited to interview young musician, Victoria Kramr. She began studying piano when she was five years old, and vocal performance at fourteen. Now at eighteen years old, Victoria performs for numerous venues as well as recitals and ensemble performances. Victoria has also earned an honorable commendation in the 2019 TMTA-SA Original Composition Contest. If you would like to know more about Victoria, please leave your comment below and we will address your questions during the interview.

Victoria Kramr

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